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Personal Nutrition Packages

Whether you are feeling sluggish or tired, want to lose or gain weight, maybe you have a digestive disorder, low mood or want to improve your heart health or perhaps you have all of the above?

You can get a personalized nutrition plan that’s catered to your individual needs

Your Plan Includes

  • 60 Minute Consultation
  • Nutritional, Physical & Lifestyle Analysis
  • Past & Present Medical Considerations
  • Personalised Nutrition Plan & Recipes
  • In-Person/Online Consultation
  • Full Nutritional Support from a Qualified Nutritionist

First Consultation: €150
Follow Up Consultations: €50

Public or Private Group Nutrition Talks Available on Request

Intolerance Testing Package

If you are suffering from stomach pain/tenderness, bloating, cramps, gas, diarrhoea/constipation, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, eczema/psoriasis/acne, sinus problems, wheezing, joint problems or all of the above?

A blood-based intolerance test may be the answer for you

Intolerance Test Options

  • Full Food Screening  (93 Foods) 
  • Full Food Screening (200 Foods)

Your Package Includes

  • Nutrition Consultation
  • Taking of Blood Sample
  • Analysis of Sample
  • Result Interpretation by a Qualified Nutritionist
  • Guidance Booklet/Plan
  • Intolerance Recipes
  • Personalised Nutrition Recommendation
  • Full Nutritional Support from highly qualified & Experienced Nutritionist

Public or Private Intolerance Testing Talks available on Request

Combo Packages

If you have an interest in two or more of the packages, which include Personal Nutrition, Intolerance Testing, Sports Nutrition, and Corporate Packages we can offer you a discount.

Examples of Popular Combinations

  • Intolerance Testing & Personal Nutrition Combo
  • Intolerance Testing & Sports Nutrition Combo
  • Personal & Sports Nutrition Combo
  • Corporate Wellness & Personal Staff Plans Combo
  • Corporate Wellness Packages & Food Intolerance Testing


Public & Private Nutrition Talks on Topics of Choice are also available on request

Online Nutrition Consultation Packages

Online nutrition consultation packages to meet your individual needs from the comfort of your own home, with a free 15-minute initial phone consultation

Bronze Package


  • 60 Minute Consultation
  • Nutrition, Physical and Lifestyle Analysis
  • Personalised Diet Plan
  • Recipes
  • Personalised Nutrition Recommendations
  • Followup Email

Silver Package


  • 60 Minutes Consultation
  • One Follow-up Consultation Personalised
  • Nutrition Recommendations
  • Personalised Diet Plan
  • Recipes
  • Personalised Nutrition Recommendations
  • Followup Email

Gold Package


  • 60 Minutes Consultation
  • Three Follow-up Consultations
  • Detailed Nutrition, Health and Lifestyle Analysis
  • Personalised Diet Plan
  • Recipes
  • Personalised Nutrition Recommendations
  • Followup Email

4 Week Nutrition Programme

Your Plan Includes

  • 1 Hour Nutrition Consultation
  • Lifestyle, Physical & Nutritional Analysis
  • Personalised Nutrition Programme & Recipes
  • Personalised Nutrition Recommendations
  • Weekly Follow Up

Program Price: €230

Sports Nutrition Packages

Not many people are aware that it is possible to manipulate our nutrition to enhance not only our bodies but also our performance and that different forms of sport require different nutritional strategies whether you are looking for speed, endurance, strength or all of the above your nutritional strategy can help you achieve your goal improve your recovery and give you that competitive edge.

Your Plan Includes

  • Lifestyle Analysis
  • Nutritional, Physical & Lifestyle Analysis
  • Personalised Diet Plan & Recipes
  • In-Person/Online Consultation
  • Full Nutritional Support

First Consultation: €150

Follow Up Consultations: €50

Sports Nutrition Talks/Clinics Available on Request

Nutrition Talks & Seminars

Why not arrange your own nutrition talk or seminar based on an area of nutrition of your choice and catered to your group

Examples of Talks/Seminars include

  • Nutrition for Health
  • Nutrition for Sugar Control or Cravings
  • Nutrition of Energy
  • Nutrition for Pregnancy
  • Nutrition for Menopause
  • Nutrition for a Healthy Mind
  • Nutrition for Detoxing the Body
  • Nutrition for Sleep
  • Nutrition for Injury or Recovery

Bespoke Corporate Nutrition Talks & Workshops

Corporate Wellness is becoming increasingly important as businesses are becoming more aware that if their employees are well and performing to their full potential that in turn this will result in increased concentration, focus and productivity as well as decreasing work absenteeism. As Sir Richard Branson states, “If you take care of your employees they will take care of the clients”. Staff Nutrition Training
  • The Key to Healthy Nutrition
  • Nutritional Strategies for Shift Workers
  • Nutrition & Sleep
  • Nutrition & Stress
  • Nutrition for Optimum Performance
  • Healthy Lunch Ideas (Individual & Family)
  • Healthy Eating on a Budget
  • Specifically Catered Nutrition Plans on Request
Nutrition Clinics or Personal Nutrition Plans Available on Request

About Us 

Laurann has an Honours BSc. Degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Nottingham, a Masters in Public Health Nutrition from University College Dublin, is an Associate Nutritionist with the Nutrition Society London, a professional member of the Celiac Society Ireland, is registered with the Institute of Public Health Ireland and fully insured.

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